Paul Gibson’s Hull and East Yorkshire History


James Conan Calvert, photographer and friend.

Brett Hambling, inspirational friend, poet and gifted photographer/printer; he was toying over which image to use in a Guardian article.

Deena - best female mate for the past 35 years.

Biker mates - Bill - Nigel - Neil - I think we allways had cameras with us in those days.

Childrens birthday party with Punch & Judy - Methodist Hall Sutton.

Rebecca - Lake District early 1990s.

Steam and Traction Engine Fair - Driffield East Yorkshire - late 1990s.

John Tomson - photographic mate.

Heather - early 1980s.

Steam Fair again - old codgers.

Mickey Finn and Joe Reid - up in Hull for the Mick Ronson Memorial party in 1997, when they stayed at my house.

Antique dealer - Kevin Marshall.

Great times in 1997 at my house talking old T-Rex stories with Mickey and the boys; sadly both Mickey and Gary Irwin (left) are no longer with us.

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