Paul Gibson’s Hull and East Yorkshire History

Hull City AFC - the mighty Tigers

We were a Premiership team for two seasons you know ... and now we're back!

I wouldn't even attempt a history of Hull City AFC, as there have been many written already by far more knowledgeable people than me. But I do have a few old photographs of the club from the last century that people may like to see. These are from my own collection, and those of my friends. Here are a small selection from when men were men - with moustaches and flat-caps, wages were small, and shorts were very, very long. The coloured cards are from the 1948-49 season - click on any image to enlarge...

the 1904 - 1905 team

the 1912 - 1913 team

the 1921 - 1922 team

the 1936 team

the 1950 - 1951 team

the 1965 - 1966 team

Tom Berry - Full back.
Lancashire lad, who joined Hull City in 1946-47 season ex the RAF

Jimmy Bloomer - Outside right.
Played for Strathclyde juniors in 1944, joined Hull in 1947-48 season

J Alex Bloxham - Outside right.
Played for Derbyshire boys and in the RAF, joined Hull in 1947

William 'Bill' Bly - Goalkeeper.
Newcastle lad who played for Walker Celtic before joining Hull in 1937,and returned to Hull City after the war

William Ralston Murray Buchan - Inside forward. Born Scotland, played for Glasgow Celtic and Blackpool. Joined Hull in 1948 after service in the RAF

Eddie Burbanks - Outside left.
Doncaster lad, joined Sunderland in 1934 and Hull in 1948

Horatio 'Raich' S Carter - Inside right.
Born Sunderland, turning pro in 1931 aged 17. Began career with Hull City as player manager in 1948

Andrew Conway - Inside right.
Born in South Shields, turned pro in 1945 and joined Hull a year later

Raymond Dennis Durham - Left half.
Born East Halton, near Grimsby, joining Hull City in 1947 following several trials as an amateur

Henry Norman Fowler - Full back.
Born Stockton on Tees, signed pro for Middlesbro aged 17. Joined Hull ex RAF in 1946

James Radcliffe Greenhalgh - Right half. Manchester born, spotted by Hull City in 1946 and turned pro.

Ken Harrison - Outside right.
Another Stockton lad, signed pro for Hull City in 1947

Wilfred Hassal - Full back.
Born Manchester area, joining Hull City in 1946-47 as an outside right

Viggo Jensen - Full back.
Born Skagen, Demnark playing against England in Copenhagenas well as in the Olympics. Joined Hull in 1948

George King - Centre forward.
Born Northumberland, turning pro for Newcastle in 1946 joining Hull in 1948 ex RAF

Harold Meens - Centre half.
Born in Rotherham, joining Hull City in 1936-37 season. Rejoined City after the war

John Allan Mellor - Left half.
Born Droylsden, Manchester, signed pro for Hull in 1947 after service in the war and a long amateur career

Norman Moore - Inside forward.
Born in Grimsby, played for Grimsby professionally in 1938 and transferred to Hull City in 1946

John 'Jack' Taylor - Full back.
Barnsley lad, joined City in 1947 after playing at Wolverhampton and Norwich. Later thought to have joined the Ministry of Silly Walks ...

John (Joe) Bryant Wright - Centre
half. Born in South Shields and turned pro for Hull City in 1947 after service in the war

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