Paul Gibson’s Hull and East Yorkshire History

Bibliography, sources & thanks

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Maps & Plans

All the location maps and plans in this work have been drawn by the author, and are mostly based on Ordnance Survey plans compiled from the surveys made in 1852-53 and 1890-91. The maps are of no fixed date and are for illustration only. The pubs illustrated did not necessarily exist concurrently with others shown on the same map. The majority of the building plans are held at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Archive Office in Beverley, mostly archived at BOBE/6. The full list of plans consulted is as follows: -

BOBE/6/1873-7 “Alterations to the Oddfellows Arms”

BOBE/6/1874-23 “Two cottages and a tavern in Cherry Tree Lane”

BOBE/6/1875-64 “Alterations to the Reindeer Inn”

BOBE/6/1875-65 “New dram shop window at Royal Standard”

BOBE/6/1876-83 “Alterations at the Beehive Inn”

BOBE/6/1878-146 “Alterations at the Buck Inn”

BOBE/6/1885-152 “Alterations to the spirit vaults in Ladygate”

BOBE/6/1888-211 “Alterations at the Red Lion”

BOBE/6/1895-1 “Additions to the George & Dragon Inn”

BOBE/6/1896-21 “Alterations to the Traveller’s Rest”

BOBE/6/1899-2 “New public house and shop at 30 Toll Gavel”

BOBE/6/1901-26 “Alterations to the Royal Oak”

BOBE/6/1902-13 “Alterations to the Malt Shovel”

BOBE/6/1902-20 “Alterations to the George Inn”

BOBE/6/1902-23 “Alterations to the Moulders Arms”

BOBE/6/1905-9 “Alterations to the Sun Inn”

BOBE/6/1906-13 “Alterations to the Sloop Inn”

BOBE/6/1907-8 “New public house in Holme Church Lane”

BOBE/6/1908-20 “Alterations to the Green Dragon”

BOBE/6/1909-19 “Urinal & Privvies at the Gate Inn”

BOBE/6/1912-8 “Additions to 13 Flemingate”

BOBE/6/1912-10 “Alterations to the Tiger Inn”

BOBE/6/1912-17 “Alterations to the Windmill Inn”

BOBE/6/1913-2 “New doorway for the Beaver Hotel”

BOBE/6/1914-19 “Alterations to the Oddfellows Inn”

BOBE/6/1919-6 “Alterations to the Mariners Arms”

BOBE/6/1921-8 “Alterations to the Buck Inn”

BOBE/6/1922-4 “Alterations to the Kings Head”

BOBE/6/1925-5 “Improvements to the Globe Inn”

BOBE/6/1925-25 “Sanitary improvements at the Cattle Market Tavern”

BOBE/6/1926-2 “Alterations to the Queen’s Head”

BOBE/6/1927-7 “Alterations to the Old White Swan”

BOBE/6/1927-18 “Alterations to the Valiant Soldier”

BOBE/6/1927-42 “Alterations to the Tanners Arms”

BOBE/6/1929-9a “New public house - Dog & Duck”

BOBE/6/1930-30 “Alterations to the Rose & Crown”

BOBE/6/1930-40a “Alterations to the Tiger Inn”

BOBE/6/1930-45 “Alterations to the Tiger Inn”

BOBE/6/1931-9 “New shopfront to the Old Holderness Hotel”

BOBE/6/1936-23 “Alterations to the Durham Ox”

BOBE/6/1936-28 “Rebuilding of Lady Le Gros”

BOBE/6/1936-29 “Alterations at the Moulders Arms”

BOBE/6/1937-3 “Alterations at the Foresters Arms”

BOBE/6/1937-28 “Alterations and additions at the Mariners Arms”

BOBE/6/1938-7 “Alterations and additions at the Sloop Inn”

BOBE/6/1938-14 “Alterations at the Green Dragon”

BOBE/6/1938-27 “New Inn, rebuilding the Foresters Arms”

BOBE/6/1952-782 “Internal alterations at the Malt Shovel”

BOBE/6/1954-964 “Rebuilding the Beehive Inn”

To include every available picture that I have found during my research for the original book would have been prohibitive in terms of cost. You may wish to look at some of the other images of the pubs however, and those available for easy reference are as follows:

Admiral Duncan/Hallgarth Inn: See drawing by Luke Clennell c1835-40 in Old Beverley page 6.

Arden’s Vaults: Interior on page 41 of Historic Beverley.

Beaver: Beverley Library Post Card No.1439 circa 1910, and PC No.1035 (image circa 1861).

Beverley Arms: Engraving in Beverley Art Gallery circa 1780 by Thomas Malton Junior (also reproduced in Old Beverley page 23).

Black Swan: Beverley Library PC No.835 circa 1905.

Cross Keys: Beverley Library has at least one picture in its “Old Beverley file”.

Globe Inn: Beverley Library has pictures of the front and rear in its “Old Beverley file” and some in the “Calvert Collection” file No.5.

Green Dragon: Beverley Library has one picture in its “Old Beverley file”. See also - Old Beverley pages 28, 29 and 30.

Holderness Hotel: See Humberside Libraries postcard re-print No.13 of Toll Gavel circa 1905, which shows the pub on the right.

Kings Head: Beverley Library has one picture in its “Old Beverley file”.

Lord Nelson: Beverley Library has PC No.1825 circa 1905 and one picture in its “Old Beverley file”.

Malt Shovel: Beverley Library has PC No.815.

Nag’s Head: See picture in “Around Beverley” page 71, which shows a part of the building.

Pack Horse: Old Beverley page 29 shows the Pack Horse.

Push Inn: See Old Beverley page 30; Around Beverley page 31 & 32; and Historic Beverley fig.202 on page 84 shows the later Georgian shop fronts.

Queen’s Head: See page 18 of Britain in Old Photographs – Around Beverley, and image No.32 in Old Beverley.

Railway Inn: Beverley Library has PC No.1073.

Spotted Cow: Image No.37 in Old Beverley shows a drawing of the original frontage circa 1845.

Sun Inn: Beverley Library has PC No.1193 circa 1905 and one in its “Old Beverley” file.

Also see wrongly captioned water-colour by Luke Clennell, (circa 1835) in Beverley In Mid-Victorian Times page 51, which is probably the oldest illustration of the Sun Inn (the junction of Flemingate and Eastgate has been confused more than once; the 1826 directory also listed the Sun’s address as Eastgate).

Tiger Inn: See illustration by Luke Clennell cl835-40 in Old Beverley page 40.

Valiant Soldier: Beverley Library has one picture in its “Old Beverley file”.

White Swan: See photo in Old Beverley page 30.

Thanks also to: -

Robert Barnard for support and advice on source material.

Mr. Calvert for permission to copy pictures of the Globe Inn, Pack Horse etc.

Jan & Peter Crowther for discussion regarding the French Horn and the sharing of information and source material.

Pat Elliot for advice on old Beverley maps, plans and news clippins’.

Frank Farnsworth for the use of some postcards.

Chris Ketchell for sharing information, proof reading, debate, discussion and several purely educational visits to the surviving hostelries.

Geoff  Percival for information on coins, tokens and pub-checks.

Mrs Pinfold for passing her late husband’s notes to a good home.

David Sherwood for newspaper clippins’, discussion and his ongoing work on the history and development of Beverley’s streets.

Gail Thornton for her patience.

The late Graham Wilkinson for computer tutorials and friendship.

The staff of the Hull Local Studies Library

The staff of the Beverley Local Studies Library

The staff of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Archives and Records Service

& everyone else who has assisted in any way, shape or form.

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the British Library